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Why should The Smoking Muse be at your next event?

She is an excellent host

She will help with setup and cleanup

She is happy to take group photos

She is a novelty

She will dress according to the event theme

Hookah Catering is a science and an art form. 

Our Mission

The Smoking Muse strives to provide the most memorable, comfortable, and beautiful hookah experience to complement any gathering.

Our Story

Let's take the mystery out of the smoker's circle, 

anybody can enjoy hookah with a muse!

The A-musing Metamorpho​sis

Penguin, Photographer, Audio/Visual Geek: these are all former job titles of your muse. Adjusting technical details behind the scenes was too far removed. Capturing events on camera was rewarding, but I wanted to be in the action. Performing as a dancing penguin was my favorite job, but I prefer performing without a mask on. 

Performance as Art

The dancing penguin became the gogo dancer. 

Two years later, it finally started to sink in: 

I'm in control of how people perceive me. 

I should be appreciated for my artistic qualities, not my endowments. 

Remembering My Roots

"Never show up to a party empty-handed!"

I wasn't bringing booze or booty anymore, so what could I contribute? 

Hookah provides an activity, an art piece, and a way to break the ice! Gatherings are about sharing and connecting, right? 

Diving into Smoky Waters

2017 was the year for this muse to do research, and make some tough decisions. The dream to open a hookah lounge, without massive startup capital, quickly lost its feasibility.  

The Smoking Muse hookah catering is the midway point, where my dream and reality meet. 

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